Back to school headaches

It’s back to school time!

Eslyn started Grade 2 on Tuesday, and it was mainly an uneventful day.  The line up bell rang 4 minutes early which resulted in me and the kids running through the field to get her lined up on time.  Luckily I wasn’t the only Mom hauling ass.  We made it in plenty of time before her teacher came to gather the class.  It was kind of funny, in kindergarten and grade 1 all the parents went into the classroom with the kids on the first day.  This year us grade 2 parents kind of milled around wondering whether or not to go in the school.  After all the kids had gone in the doors (grades 1-3 line up at the same doors)  we all drifted in after them.  Most of us stood outside the classroom, peeking our heads in for a second or two to say hi, and greeting the other parents who we recognized (and hooray for me I talked to a few strange moms!  That is HUGE for me!).

All seemed to be going well until about 45 minutes later I got a call from the school.  Of course the first thing I’m thinking is that Eslyn has gotten hurt or is sick.  Instead the secretary, Mrs G.,  was calling to see if Eslyn was home with me. Uhm, no I actually walked her to class.  So they called her classroom and yes indeed she was there.  They apologized for the mistake (the teacher marked absent in the wrong spot) and thanked me for being so calm. Then Mrs. G. said she thought it was weird that she had had to call me if Eslyn actually was absent because I was usually so good about calling in to report her absences.  And that is why I love her school, it’s small enough that the staff know who the parents are and what they are like.

Lexi’s first day of preschool is tomorrow.  Her preschool is in the same school as Eslyn goes to, but instead of walking she gets to take the bus.  I did  have the option of walking her each day but the timing with Eslyn was really crappy.  Lexi starts long enough after Eslyn that we can’t just hang around the school, but if I walked Eslyn everyday and Lexi I’d pretty much have to turn around and walk out the door a few minutes after coming home.  So the bus it is.  I also thought it would give her a few more minutes with her soon to be friends.

The welcome letter from the preschool said that the bus line would be calling us starting on the 27th of August.  So we waited, and waited , and waited some more.  On the Friday I called the preschool, I was told there had been an issue with the computers and the bus company would be calling over the weekend.

The weekend passed and there was still no call.  So today I called the school and was give the number for the bus company.  I called, and after almost 20 minutes on hold I finally got through to a person.  They were really nice and let me know what time Lexi will be picked up.  They also asked if I would like the bus driver to call me to confirm the time, I said sure.

Let me just say the call from said bus driver did not really instill me with confidence.  She went on and on about how she couldn’t actually confirm my pick up time because the last two days she didn’t finish her route until 9:10 and she was supposed to be done at 8:30 and now she had a whole other route to do because of the preschool blah blah blah.  What the fuckity fuck?!

It was not the most reassuring thing to realize that I will be entrusting my 3 year old to someone who hasn’t yet managed to get 12 kids to school on time.  And then there was the fact that she had no idea that school started tomorrow.  Sigh.  At this point I was thinking to my self, this is what I get for being lazy and not wanting to walk in the winter.

So here’s hoping that tomorrow the bus will be on time, and that our bus driver is more together than she seemed on the phone.


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