I stepped on a kid at the library today. On purpose.

So today I took the kids to see a puppet show at the library.  It’s part of the summer reading program.  The kids love the library and I love having half an hour to sit and read in peace.  Our library is a fairly small branch and the activities room only hold about 60 people, so getting tickets is a fun filled adventure.  The library advertises that it gives out tickets 15 minutes in advance.  If you get there 15 minutes in advance you’re shit out of luck.

Today I got to the library at 1 for a 2pm showing.  I went to stand in line at 1:20.  I freaking love my kids.  So there I am, standing in line (I was second, woot!), when this group of kids between the ages of 8 and 13 comes over.  The first thing they did that irritated me was they tried to cut in line in front of me and the other lady standing there. Nope, not happening.  I nicely (no, really at this point I was nice) told them that the line formed behind me.  So they stood behind me.  Well, actually the last thing the did was stand.  They crawled, jumped, climbed and shoved.  After being shoved, stepped on and having my bag yanked off my shoulder I still fairly politely asked them to settle down. Did. Not. Happen.  After asking them three more times to stop shoving and hitting me I was pretty irritated.   So the next time the kids were rolling around on the floor and shoved and poked at my feet I put my foot down.

Now before you go freaking out it’s not like I stomped my foot down hard.  I simply lightly put down my foot until I felt something under it, and then shoved said object, which just happened to a kids leg away from my feet.  And the kids was probably about 10 years old.  Definitely old enough to know better.

So yeah, today I stepped on a kid.  Not my proudest moment, but you know what, it’s not one that I’m particularly remorseful about.


2 responses to “I stepped on a kid at the library today. On purpose.

  1. I approve 🙂

  2. Ugh – little punks. I hate that.

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