My summer bucket list

So we decided this summer to do a staycation.  We decided this because there is so much to do around here, to reduce our carbon foot print, because it’s the hip thing to do because we’re poor.  I know other people do it for better reason’s but we have no choice really.  So this is my summer bucket list.  I figure if we do enough fun almost free stuff they kids won’t realize that they don’t get to go on big fun family vacations. Well at least until they are a little older.  So nothing on our list costs more that $50 to do. (well okay some could cost more if you want them to but we’re cheap, and we have a pass that gets us into city attractions for free and my MIL got us a pass to the science center for Easter so it saves us money).

Summer bucket list

  • go to the zoo
  • go to Fort Edmonton Park
  • go to Muttart Conservatory
  • go to the science center
  • go berry/vegetable picking
  • go camping for one night at the city campground
  • take the girls to the street performers festival
  • take the girls to the heritage festival
  • have a fishing day complete with BBQ at the lake
  • go see the free puppet shows at the library
  • cover the sidewalk in chalk drawing
  • go to the park at least twice a week
  • make oodles of jam
  • run through the sprinkler
  • go garagesaling
  • take the girls to the Capital Ex parade
  • take the girls to the art gallery

We’ve already been to the zoo, so I can cross that off my list.  And the girls will have oodles of fun doing all the other things too.  It’s going to be a fun summer.

One response to “My summer bucket list

  1. That sounds like a great list! Staycations can almost be more fun because they exceed expectation (and create memories that can be repeated)

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