My daughter sounded like she was choking on a hairball, and it made me so happy!

I know, makes me sound like a horrible mother doesn’t it.  “Hooray my kid sounded like a cat about to throw up, woo hoo!”  But it really was a wonderful thing.  It happened in speech therapy.

This week and last we have been working on the K or hard C sound.  A sound that Lexi cannot make.  At all.  Not in therapy, not in her assessments, not in real life.  Her tongue just does not pull back.  Instead it stays at the front and C’s, K’s and G’s all sound like T’s and D’s.  (You’re all making K and T sounds so you can see where your tongue goes, aren’t you?)  We’ve even tried using a tongue depressor to get  the front of her tongue to stay down and the back pop up.  To no avail.  But today, today she made a sound that really did sound like a cat throwing up a hairball.  PROGRESS!  She made it twice, pretty much by accident, but it’s a start.  It meant her tongue moved towards the back a bit.  So hooray for barfy hairball sounds!


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