Exercise in futility and frustration. Also known as hearing test: part 1.

So today was Lexi’s hearing test.  I test was at the local hospital in the rehab medicine department.  This is also where she goes EVERY WEEK for speech therapy.

So I arrive nice and early and go up to the desk and tell them I’m there, I get an okay from the receptionist.  And so we sit down and wait, and wait, and wait.  After we’ve been there 30 minutes, 20 minutes after we are supposed to see the Audiologist I go back to the desk.  the receptionist then says “Oh, you haven’t checked in, I must have been talking to some one on the phone” And that is my problem how? You looked right at me, said “Okay, have a seat”.  But, fine, now we are checked in.  Then I’m asked if we had stopped at reception. Uhm, no, nobody told me I had to.  So after an exceptionally loud sigh, the woman says she can register me there.  Fine.  So the conversation goes like this

R: What is Alexis’s doctors name

Me: She doesn’t have one

R:yes she does

Me, no, she doesn’t

R: Well what does she never get sick or see a doctor?

Me: (fighting the urge to slap the woman for her very snarky tone) we just go to the medi center

R: Oh.  Well who referred her here

Me: The Duggan health center

R: Well who sent you there, somebody must have sent you there

Me: No, I just called them for a speech assessment

R: (into the phone to reception) well apparently she doesn’t have a family doctor

So finally we see the audiologist, and the fun continues.  Alexis decided that she was just not going to co-operate.  To the point where the audiologist was grilling questioning me about Lexi’s comprehension abilities.  She didn’t believe me when I told her that yes, Lexi can understand instructions, there are just times when she doesn’t want to do things.  I thought Eslyn and my brother were stubborn. Ha! They are compliant little robots compared to Lexi. (When she no longer wanted to work on her ssss sounds for speech she insisted that her snake was a worm and cereal was fruit loops; even though they had been a snake a cereal minutes before)  The audiologist tried 4 different techniques before she found one that sort of worked with Lexi.

Finally she gave up, she was able to partially test Lexi’s hearing, but the real test was her patience.  She decided to try to map her hearing with the computer and that’s when we found out that Lexi’s ears are almost completely plugged with wax.  It’s actually so hard that it is blocking her from hearing low sounds and needs to be removed by a doctor.  The audiologist is hopeful  that that will take care of her hearing issues but we have Lexi re-tested after the blockage is removed.

Great.  I get to do this all over again.


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