Family, gotta ? them

It’s Christmas time!  Everywhere you look are warm T.V. specials, movies and commercials giving us warm fuzzies about spending time with our families.  The message is Christmas is a magical family love in; and it got me to thinking about my sister in law and the fact that her and her family aren’t part of our lives, and it actually made me feel a little sad and wistful.

Now for those of you who actually have had the misfortune pleasure of meeting SIL or know our story, you must be wondering if I’m off my rocker.  “Why on earth would you be sad about her not being in your lives?” you might ask me.  A few of you might actually slap me upside the head and tell me to knock it off.  I assure you that I am not sad, remorseful or wistful about the actual person, just what that person represents.  The idea of a sister to my husband, a friend to me and an aunt to my children is what I’m missing.  In reality my girls aren’t missing out on anything by not having toxic people in their lives, and neither are we.  And if there were a few sincere apologies given to us and a few other people we might consider letting her back in our lives.  But I will be honest here, I have a better chance of winning the lottery twice in one week then we do of ever seeing an apology.  And at this point I’m not sure if aven the most sincere apology would even make a difference to us.

My hubby puts on a brave face, but I know he misses his nephews, and he misses the idea of our girls spending time with their Aunt and cousins.  But that’s the thing, it’s the idea of the nice warm fuzzy family we are mourning, not the actual person.  In the long run our girls lives are better for the absence, our lives are fairly drama free now.  And my girls are surrounded by a loving family, and spoiled by a special Aunt, and honestly, they don’t even know that anyone is missing from their lives.


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