The best part of winter is snowsuits

Alexis is obsessed with dresses.  She would wear a dress every single day if she could. I’m not talking cute little sundresses, although those will do in a pinch, she loves fancy dresses, the fancier the better.  If she could have a closet full of pageant and mini wedding dresses she would be over the moon.

She’s amassing quite the dress collection, thanks to hand-me downs and play clothes, and she pretty much does wear one every day (well at least when Mommy’s home). Now I have no problem with her wearing these dresses, and in the summer and even September it was no problem when she wore these outside.  We did get a few funny looks picking Eslyn up from school with Lexi wearing her sisters old flower girl dress (it’s very flowery and ruffly) or in her black and red velvet and tulle Christmas dress.  But she was happy and it was warm enough.  Then the cold weather came and so did another obsession, mermaids.  And being a mermaid means wearing a bathing suit.  It’s cute, especially when she is “swimming” along the carpet.  However we live in Alberta, and a bathing suit or a dress in November is not really appropriate clothing.  Heck it was -31 with the windchill just over a week ago.

So I am faced with a Mommy dilemma.  I can either fight with her every day, right after her nap, to get her into proper clothing. And a fight it would be.  Have you ever seen the protesters who go limp when the police try to remove them from somewhere?  My 30lb three year old does that move just as well as a seasoned Greenpeace member.  I spent all last winter wrangling a clothes onto a deadweight toddler and I am too freaking lazy don’t want to go down that road again.  So I found a wonderful solution.  She wears a snow suit!  Yep, even when it’s 3* out.  That way no one gives me the stink eye for my kid wearing nothing but a swimsuit in November, or for looking like she should be on Toddlers and Tiara’s, or for still being in her jammies in the morning.  It works for me and it works for her.  She’s happy to be wearing her fancy dresses ot her swimsuit and I don’t have to deal with the whining (hers or mine).

The other bonus of bundling up on the winter is I don’t have to put any effort into getting ready in the morning when I take Eslyn to school.  Slept in? Hair’s a mess? No time to put on a clean shirt or a bra?  No problem!  A big winter jacket and a winter had and nobody’s the wiser.


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