I need to learn how to drive.

So I’m studying for my learners right now.  Yes I know this is ridiculously overdue but there have been a buttload of extenuating circumstances involved in my licenseless state of being.  When I could first get my learners my folks had a lease vehicle, so no drivers under 21 were allowed.  Then we had no car.  Then, once we had a car again I started having seizures and was medically unable to drive until I was seizure free for two years.  By the time that happened I was no longer living at home and Donnie and I had no car.  Then we got a car and I just couldn’t be bothered.

But now I want to drive.  I hate that we have to drag the kids grocery shopping when I could do it myself, I hate not being able to go places on my day off unless I spend a ridiculous amount of time and money on a bus ride.  So I am studying the drivers handbook and hope to get my learners before Christmas.  After that it will still be a year before I can get my license because of our graduated license system, but that’s okay.  Realistically by the spring of 2013 I will be mobile.  Then I can do what I really want to do once I can drive.  Travel 6 hours round trip to have coffee with my bestest friend.  Because I miss the hell out of her.



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