To the lady with a pickle up her arse at McDonalds..

Dear bitch lady, who quite possible had a pickle stuck up her arse, or was just a rude person.

We were at McDonald’s, not a freaking 5 star restaurant, McDonald’s, with our two year old.  And not just any McDonald’s, one with a play place.  We had been in our booth a good 10 minutes before you sat down.  You saw us sitting there, you saw our child, you chose the table.  I’m very sorry that my child’s singing was on the loud side, but we didn’t ignore her; we told her to shh and when hubby finished his burger he took her to the play area.  When they came back yes she was singing kind of loudly again, but we did tell her to quiet down and she did.  The huffy, mumbly getting up and moving tables while bitching under your breath about noisy kids was uncalled for.  It’s MCDONALD’S for fucks sakes!  A place that caters to, gasp, kids!  Did I mention there was a play-place in the restaurant?  What did you expect?  We weren’t letting our kid run around screaming at the top of her lungs, she was sitting and singing.  Here’s a piece of advice, you want quiet and adult only? Go to a bar! Or stay at home.  If you choose not to then pull the damn pickle out of your arse and realize that McDonald’s will have kids ther.

Sincerely, the lady who resisted the urge to dump her pop on your bitchy head.


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