Advice/thoughts from a wedding

It’s great that you want to hush your child in church, but here’s the thing.  I NEVER heard you adorable little kid make a noise but I heard you shushing them.  You were at the back and I was in the third row.  Shush quieter next time.

The need to make quieter camera’s.  The clicking of the photographers camera’s drove me nuts.

To the priest: ENUNCIATE! I got all of two words of what I’m sure was a beautiful ceremony.

If you’re going to wear an itty bitty dress and plan on dancing, do a jump test before you leave the house.  If thing fly out the top or the dress flies up too much at the bottom, wear something else.  I did NOT need to see your roos, especially from the front.  The belly dancer showed less flesh for flippities sakes.

I love dancing, I forgot how much.  I especially love dancing when I can dance like an idiot and no one cares.

Turn the cell phone off.


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