Dear goodness help me I’m turning into my husband!

So you know how they say people start resembling their pets or pets resemble their owners?  Well I think that’s what’s happening with my and my hubby.  Not that we’re starting to look like each other (well he is getting grey hair and has put on a few pounds, but we’ll just chalk that up to his being nearly 40 and living with three females).  No I’m starting to develop the same tastes as my hubby.  Sigh.

Us ten years ago

Hubby: I love wrestling so much you can’t even call me when it’s on! (oh yeah, for real and we won’t even talk about the don’t go into labour while wresting is on rule he had when I was preggers and damned if my water didn’t break until 2 minutes after wrestling ended, but I digress)

Me: I don’t like wrestling

Hubby: I love Zombies and horror movies

Me: Blair Witch was my first horror movie and I didn’t sleep for days

Us now

Me: There’s no way the Undertaker will lose at Wrestlemania, he won’t be the main match either because that might jeopardize his 17-0 streak

Me:Ooh honey look at the Zombie garden Gnome, I want one, hey when does Brad Pitts new Zombie movie come out in theaters?

My one and tenuous comfort is that I still don’t like fishing.


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