Guess what? Chicken butt.

I love my girls, they are quirky and curious and full of wonder.  It’s amazing how kids can make even the most normal task seem new.  Ant the questions they come up with.  Today we had roast chicken for dinner and I thought I’d get E to help me stuff it, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love sticking their hands inside a chicken?

All was good until E realized we were stuffing bread into what was a birds butt.

“Did they clean all the poo out?” Yes

“Why is the hole so big?”  So they can get the insides out

“What’s the other hole?” Where the neck was

“Did they shoot the chicken?” No, they broke it’s neck

“Did it hurt the chicken” No not really, it happens really fast.

“That’s kinda sad” Yes, but the chicken was raised for us to eat.

“Did the chicken go to heaven?” Uhm…. I guess so

“Why when a person goes to heaven do they never come back?”  I don’t know, they just don’t

“Do they break cow’s necks?” no

“Are hamburgers made from pigs?” Uh, no they are cow meat

“Well that’s silly, then why call them hamburgers.” They just do

We then had a talk about how some people don’t realize their meat comes from animals and how some people are vegetarians, how some animals drink their mommies’ milk when they are babies and what the difference between a mammal, bird, and insect was.

All because she wanted to help make dinner.


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